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February 09, 2022 3 min read

When you have taken Canadian Pine Pollen Co. wildcrafted powders, you would know the difference. But for those of you who like to get into the details weare here to fascinate you with some information about the quality of our pine pollen. By the end of this blog you’ll know why our brand is the best choice for pine pollen.

We started the Canadian Pine Pollen Company in 2016 because we noticed a huge problem in the industry:

We couldn’t find any pine pollen sourced locally. Everything we found was sourced from China.

This concerned us for a number of reasons. Pine pollen is a high value commodity. As such is it subject to food fraud, the intentional adulteration of a food product with a lesser value feed/non feed food. In the case of the pine pollen, the most common additives are cracked cell pollen such as Cattail pollen, bee pollen, and coloured corn starch.

There is usually a way to know this and distinguish a product. In particular there are lab tests that can tell you for sure if a herb is what the supplier says it is: they are standard reference material that these tests can be compared to. But the standards do not exist for the pollen.

Asides from the the lab tests, there is another clever way to identity the purity of pine pollen. Each pollen of each plant having a unique shape and characteristic, it can be identified under the microscope, and pine pollen in particular has double sack on its cell, giving it the unique "mickey mouse" grain shape.

pollen type and grains

So with a simple microscope one identify the pollen correctly if the pollen you get is pure or not. But every were we reached out no one had any data or method of certifying that their product didn’t have additives. Other than overseas manufacturer's word saying if it was pure, we didn’t know how it was harvested, processed or pure There were no standards to test and the elephant in the room is that the imported pollen was cracked cell; made the risk of food fraud even higher; because you can simply not tell what is there and the only thing you can rely is your confidence in the supplier.

Pine pollen Under microscope

Canadian Pine Pollen, Lodgepole Pine Pollen Grains at100X under microscope, with back lit microscopy. Copy right, Canadian Pine Pollen CO.

Because we recommend this product to every Athlete and aging person that is as health-conscious as us, this absence of evidence became a major issue for us. So we thought “If this is a big issue for us, it’s probably a big issue for others!” And voila; the Canadian Pine Pollen Company was born.

We made it a focal point to be completely transparent about ALL our products, whether it be pine pollen, Chaga, spruce tips, etc. (But since this blog is about pine pollen, we’re just going to talk about that). We assure our customers that our pine pollen is pure, wild, and hand-harvested in the boreal forests of Canada.

You invite you to watch a video of us harvesting the pine pollen below:

Another thing that really concerned us was the oxidation(loss of potency) of the “cracked” pine pollen. This basically means the cell walls of the pine pollen were cracked sometime during the processing of the pollen. This is bad for a major reason - cracked pine pollen loses out on a ton of nutrients that would be contained if it weren’t cracked. We put emphasis on the fact that we harvest and process our pine pollen to keep it uncracked - presenting it to you in its pure form overflowing with nutrients.

To get a more detailed explanation of cracked vs uncracked pine pollen, read this blog:https://canadianpinepollen.com/blogs/news/cracked-vs-non-cracked-pine-pollen-the-ultimate-guide

And to top it all off, just take a look at how our pine pollen looks vs the others on the market:

As you can see, we put a ton of pride in the quality of all our products, and of course our pine pollen. We started this company for the sole reason of bringing a better, purer, more natural, and WILDER pine pollen to the market, and we’re sure we achieved that goal.

To shop our pine pollen products, feel free to click below:


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