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Wild Ponderosa Pine Pollen Tincture - Certified Organic (100mL-3.4 fl oz)

Recommended use or purpose:Used in Traditional Chinese Medicine to replenish Qi (vital energy); Source of plant-based androgens (phytoandrogens)

Wild-harvested in the Canadian Rockies & Extracted for Full Potency and Superior Absorption

Pine pollen is revered for its content ofphytoandrogens. These plant hormones mimic naturally occurring ♂ androgensin the body making pine pollen tincture a natural herbal remedy for those looking to optimize energy andsupport the ageing process.

Medicinal Ingredients/Supplement Facts(Per 2 ML)

Pinus ponderosa (Pine pollen) (1:6 333mg dry Ponderosa pine pollen)

Non-medicinal ingredients: Ethanol and glycerin.

Description:Crafted from wild, raw, non-cracked pine pollen harvested from pristine forests of British Columbia.

How to Use:Take 2ml, 1-3 times per day. Hold under the tongue for a minimum of 60 seconds before swallowing. Adding the tincture to 2ml of water while holding it under the tongue can help offset the burning sensation from the ethanol. If you find the taste too strong, then mix it with some water and swallow it on empty stomach for the same benefits.

Servings per container:50

*Limited CanadianWild-harvest