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Pine Pollen Wild Affiliate Program

Wild about your Canadian Pine Pollen Co. products?

We represent a philosophy of living a healthy conscious life in abundance, with mother earth. So giving back is in our nature. If you resonate with this and are serious about our wild-harvested products become a Wild Affiliate.

How to Become a Wild Affiliate

As a Wild Affiliate account holder, you are a link in our sustainable chain on wild harvest to consumer delivery Every-time you refer us to someone in your circle, you are giving us a warm hug. If you are an online influencers or an emerging one, a professional athletes, nutritionist, or afitness coach crazy about our products wewant to give a big hug back to you.

Pine pollen Affiliate

Affiliate AccountBenefits


A 25% discount value to Wild Affiliate Account holder to be split to your liking:

This is how it works: every-time this coupon/link is used the order is X% discounted from regular list price. Plus your Wild Affiliate account gets a Y% of the total sales as commission. (X+Y=25%)

All transactions are transparent on your wild affiliate dashboard. We do not share your email externally. Ever.

You get to plant a tree every time your coupon/link is used.


Must be Approved: Online influencers, professional athletes, nutritionist, fitness, health coaches, and wild pollen enthusiasts with a passion to spread the word about its benefits.
Link Cookies - 60 days

Affiliate Code Use - Unlimited

Payments are made at the threshold of $100.00 USA


We reserve the right to terminiate in-active accounts with no link/coupon use or social media mention after 90 days of inactivity.


Via PayPal, Worldwide.

E-transfers available in Canada.