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Canadian Pine Pollen Co. | Pine Pollen Powder, Tinctures, Chaga, and Spruce Tips

At the Canadian Pine Pollen Co., we sustainably wild-harvest pine pollen, Chaga, and spruce tips from the lush, untainted forests of Western Canada. Hand-harvested and consumed since time immemorial, pine pollen has a long history of use in many cultures for its numerous health benefits.

Canadian Pine Pollen Co. has proprietary protocols and techniques to ensure that the pine pollen you buy from us is no different from its natural state. Meaning, we do not heat, steam, microwave, sterilize, or crack the cell wall on this incredible superfood.

Why Our Pine Pollen Powder and Tinctures are the Best of the Best

  • Single Origin: Canadian Pine Pollen comes from one of two types of pine - Lodgepole or Ponderosa.
  • Minimally Processed: We use proprietary, gentle, and simple techniques to extract the pollen from the pine trees' male cones (catkins).
  • Raw: Unlike the 'other guys,' we don't cook, steam, or alter our precious Canadian Pine Pollen. And we never, ever crack the cell wall.
  • Safe Quality Food Institute Certified: We handle and package our pollen in a facility with the highest possible Food Safety certification.
  • Laboratory Testing: Each batch of our pollen is quality tested to ensure quality and safety.
  • Research: Canadian Pine Pollen Co. is perpetually propelling scientific research around pine pollen through partnerships with universities, private labs, and government organizations.
  • Dual Extraction: Our tinctures are a unique blend of ethanol and glycerin at a potent 1:6 concentration. Additionally, we are the only company that uses pure pine pollen to make our tinctures - not whole buds (mostly inedible woody material). Our tinctures pack a punch!
  • Cold Storage: All of our pine pollen powder goes directly into chilled storage after bottling, to maintain nutrient integrity and freshness.
  • Wild-Harvested: Have you ever tasted the difference between a wild berry vs. store bought? It's the same with pine pollen - the crystal clear air and water resources in B.C. nourish the pine forests, and allow for a pollen of unmatched potency.
  • Local Economy: It is part of our mission statement to create a bustling economy around the usage of these mystical and potent forest superfoods. From the wild-harvester who enjoy fair earnings to the landowners who we enjoy mutually beneficial relationships with, community and local economy are core values at Canadian Pine Pollen Co.
  • Good Vibes:We started Canadian Pine Pollen Co. because we each wanted to have a one year supply of pine pollen. Once we started taking it and saw the benefits to our minds and bodies, we couldn't live without it. It is this passion for human health and wellness that drives us to get back out there each harvest season, rain or shine.