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Pine Pollen and Plant Androgens

Pine Pollen is the Secret Food of the Wild Forest:

Pine pollen, the golden dust made by the pine trees each spring, is a potent source of natural phytoandrogens.

The role of androgens in graceful aging?

The research is pretty conclusive: both genders ♀ & should ensure they have healthy levels of androgens (male hormones), especially as they age. However, with age the levels of all androgens drops in everyone across the board. It is here that the food sources of phytoandrogens become important.

As we age, the repair and regeneration of the bone, muscle, organ, brain, and the cardiovascular system declines. Repair and regeneration are essentially anabolicactivities. Symptoms of andropause, like prostate health, stamina, and menopausal symptoms like hot-flashes and mood changed are regulated by androgens the so called male (♂).

Healthy levels of androgens are important to promote general health, reduce disease risk, cholesterol levels, body composition, and reproductive function equally in men and woman. There is a strong a link between low androgens and increased disease risk, obesity and premature death.

Truly food is the best medicine.