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March 16, 2018 3 min read


Have you heard of pine pollen tincture as a natural hormone regulatorr? If you have, read on, because pine pollen is as equally vital in men as it is in women for hormonal health.

Are you a man or woman who has been diagnosed with low hormones and you're looking for a smart way to support your levels?

This post provides you with all the exciting information and warnings relating to using pine pollen and pine pollen extract as a superfood for nutrition and hormonal balance.


Pine pollen extract’s fame as a natural balancing stems from its levels of plant growth factors called sterols. Sterols are plant hormones with a similar structure to human steroids. In Pine pollen, these sterols are similar to male hormones; or androgens. They are responsible for muscle growth, stamina, vigour and reproductive health.

Why pine pollen you may be asking. Pine pollen is the male sperm in pine trees and it is responsible for triggering growth during spring. Think of the pollen cones as the flowers of the conifer tree. Like every flower it has pollen. When taken by humans as superfood supplements, pine pollen dramatically improves ageing conditions related to imbalanced or low hormones in men and women equally.

The exact pathways are not studied but primary tests show pine pollen improve symptoms of benign prostatic hyperplasia, collagen cell growths and slows the wrinkling process. It has anti-inflammatory effects.

To think of low hormones as a simple deficiency is a mistake. Low androgen, for example, is connected to high cholesterol, excess weight gain, premature aging, unbalanced sugar levels, erectile dysfunction, low energy, sleep problems, depression and much more

Again, in equal degrees in men ♂ and women ♀ androgens are important.


With ageing, environmental factors and other conditions, hormone production tends to wax and wane with time. This is why it's important always to have an excellent food source for when our body is no longer able to. This support comes from natural foods called adaptogens.

The icing on the cake with pine pollen as an adaptogen is that supplies your body with natural nutrients that are similar to male hormones; plant androgens called brassinosteroid. A whole class of plant hormones that mimic human androgen, and best of all in pine pollen, two of its many brassinosteroids are bio-identical.

And seeing that pine’s sterols are chemically identical and many in profile to human male hormones, even when pine pollen dose not affect the blood T levels, functionally it helps the body with physiological processed related to male hormones. Pine pollen extract, unlike anabolic steroids and prescription T, ha not been known to cause endocrine system failure; a condition associated with medication T; injections, pills and creams. In one pollen the amounts the androgens are small but the types of the sterols and other plant hormones so many that they act more as gentle food source regulators. So, if you care very much about your health, overall well-being; and of course, your T level, then give this natural superfood a try. For most, it speaks for itself.


Yes, pine pollen extract is beginning to gain lots of attention no doubt because of its incredible benefits. It is a novel superfood with its roots in traditional Chinese medicine. It was used as a longevity tonic and for wind conditions (like cold and flue) as an immune boost. It’s commercial harveststarted in China over the last few decades.

Pine pollen extract seems to be a potent boost especially when the hormones have become low. Men and woman suffering from low energy swear by it.It has many chemicals to help boost Nitric Oxide (NO). NO is known to boost many physiological pathways in the reproductive cycle on men and woman.

The primary studies show pine pollen extract helps with skin rejuvenation and Improves your body's immunity and overall wellness. It is recommended in Traditional Chinese medicine to slows the process of ageing that is a result of hormone decline. Fitness enthusiasts and athletes, love it because pine pollen extract is the all-natural alternative to chemical steroids used for increased muscle growth, accelerated energy and drive.


Pine pollen extract is the only 100% plant-sourced wild food that boasts bio-identical hormones.Can you rely on in to jump-start your declining hormone production level?As an all-natural superfood, pine pollen powder and extract has none of the side effects common to prescriptions.

Test your levels. If you are not optimal for your age and you are experiencing premature ageing, menopause, or andropause, loss of stamina and energy, then look for food alternatives to medication.

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