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April 02, 2018 5 min read 2 Comments

How to Support Male Hormones Naturally

Why Do Hormone Levels Matter?

Androgens are steroid hormones, produced both in men and women.In men, the main source is the testes. In a woman, the ovaries before menopause, and by the adrenal glands, thereafter.

In adolescence their levels drive of physical changes. Androgens belongs to a class of hormones called anabolic hormones. They promote muscle growth, stamina, energy, and vigour. Healthy levels of are equally important in men and woman to promote general health and body composition.

But with age (mid-30s onwards) and with stress, the levels of all growth factors and hormones drop, and in some more dramatically.

Testosterone drop after age 30

The problem is the drop in androgens; male hormones, increases all disease risk, including high cholesterol, depression, obesity and premature death in men and woman.

The research is pretty conclusive: both genders men and women should ensure they have healthy levels, especially as they age; and even more so in andropause and menopause.

Here are fiveevidence-based ways to boost levels of androgens naturally.

1.)Minimize Stress

Long-term stress elevates levels of the hormone cortisol. And high cortisol levels have a negative impact on androgens. These two hormones go up and down like a seesaw; lowering your cortisol (stress) levels, boosts your androgens!

Your breath is the simplest way to reduce stress. The vagus nerve is the longest parasympathetic (relaxing) nerve in the body. It extends directly from the brain to the abdomen. It passes through the diaphragm, your breathing muscle. One relaxed mindful breath, in purely mechanical terms, can squeeze the muscle of the diaphragm around the middle opening where the vagus nerve passes.

Caution: one moment of bringing your awareness to the simple fact of your existence, even once a day can tell your brain to relax, to reduce your cortisol levels and boost your androgen levels. Imagine the difference that a seven-minute per day routine of relaxed breathing can do to boost your androgen levels!

2.) Get Plenty of High-Quality Sleep, and If You Can Nap

Sleep and exercise are all important for your health.Optimal sleep is, however, the king! Hormone production requires a good amount of deep sleep or REM Sleep periods correspond to the regenerative powers of the glands and the central nerves system). Interestingly the human brain also produces a great deal spindling brain waves during napping. So if you can take a 20 min hr power nap is the best booster, especially in the early afternoon.

Good sleep also boosts melatonin. This hormone has an additional anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, effect and has a major effect on your androgen levels.

The ideal amount of sleep? It varies from person to person. Research point to around 7–10 hours of sleep per night. But everyone is different. If you have been getting less than 7 hrs, for every hour of lost-sleep you are likely facing a 15% reduction in androgen levels.

Caution:If you have been getting four hours or less of sleep, then you are most likely deficient.

3.) Exercise and Keep Active

Exercise is the best way to prevent lifestyle-related diseases associated with aging. All research done in exercise concludes that those who exercised regularly had higher levels.

Interestingly, All types of exercise help boost your levels. But resistance training, such as weightlifting, and High-intensity interval training seem to be most effective.

In the elderly there may be an additional boost to fitness and cognitive functions such as reaction time.

Caution:Sufficient protein intake is important after exercise, especially for the elderly, for the boosting effects.

4.) Nourish your body with proven and natural booster foods and longevity herbs.

Vitamine D, and Zinc

Out of all the vitamins and minerals, available vitamin D is the most important.Aside from its various health benefits and it works as a natural androgen booster.

Given our indoor-oriented lifestyles, Vitamin D has become known as the most common deficiency. Nearly half North Americans have frank deficiencies, and more have sub-optimal levels.

3,000 IU of vitamin D3 per day, taken daily for 12 months, will boosts levels by around 25%. In the elderly, this effect is even more pronounced.

Zinc also plays a great role but only if you are deficient.

Caution: take a good quality liquid vitamin D. Vitamin D is an oil. Oils are liquid, Solid tablets have a much lesser absorption. Also, it is best to test your vitamin D and zinc, if you suspect a deficiency.

5.) Follow a Healthy Lifestyle; laugh, eat well and have a healthy sex life

Focus on an environmentally clean lifestyle and reduce exposure to heavy metals, and estrogen-like chemicals such asBPA, parabens, found in some types of plastic. Eat healthily and locally and limit your alcohol and drug use, medical or recreational, also decrease androgens.

A plays an important role in regulating your sex hormone.

Laughter,happiness,success and ahealthy sexlife also boost your levels, plus the level of endorphins and dopamine, chemicals in the brain that promote better health, lower stress and cortisol and in return higher androgen levels, stamina and energy — make them a part of this continual cycle of life.

Pine Pollen Powder or Tincture

Among all the plants studied for longevity, pine pollen is one of a kind. The newest entry into the superfoods category, pine pollen shines as the only100% plant-based food that is a source of bio-identical Phytoandrogen, and androgen precursors, and a dozen more plant sterols.

Pine pollen powder

It seems from the 25% active genetic heritage that we share with the pine trees, the synthesis of androgens is one of them.

Best way to take the pine pollen for the absorption of its innate androgens is a tincture or macerate. It has vitamin D and minerals such as zinc; which also boost levels.

As a superfood pine pollen is rich in amino acids; it boasts all the essential amino acid required for Nitric Oxide (NO) production, another androgenic and anabolic hormone-regulated in the body associated with good cardiovascular health relating to erections and orgasms in men and women.

Ashwagandha root, tincture, or standardized extract

This traditional Ayurvedic herb canlower cortisol by around 25%. Lower cortisol levels by 10-15%. In infertile males with low sperm count, it raises it by 167%.

The best way to take Ashwagandha is in a tincture or a powder form of the root.The optimal dose is 6g a day usually divided into three doses 2 grams each.

Caution: take a good quality Ashwagandha,ideally organic and tested for pesticides and heavy metals.

To read more about Aswagandha and in particular, its benefits for woman follow this link.

2 Responses

Matthew jones
Matthew jones

June 28, 2020

I’m 20 year I’m doing bodybuilding, can I take pine pollen???

Shan  Russell
Shan Russell

December 11, 2019

Thank you for this.
If you have any more infor and/or studies on the health effects of Pine Pollen I would very much appreciate it please?
Does Pine Pollen have any adverse side effects?

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