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July 31, 2018 3 min read 1 Comment


Your pine pollen tincture may not have the full spectrum of pine pollen nutrients! Pine pollen tinctures orpine pollen extracts are alcoholic solutions that suspend the active molecules of pine pollen powder. The idea with a tincture is helping the molecules absorb better in the body.

But what if the active molecules are not in your pine pollen tincture in the first place?

Consider these facts about pure pine pollen nutrients

Pure pine pollen is a unique plant source of bio-identical androgens, and other phyto-hormones. These molecules are fat soluble and best extracted in high alcoholic solutions. But pine pollen powder is also high in vitamins, mineral, antioxidants, enzymes, flavonoids, amino acid, and glycoproteins and high alcohol in the solution can damage some of these.

pine pollen tincture from pure powder

Pure pine pollen

To complicate it more, there are two ways to make a 1:2 tincture [1 kg (2.2 lb) raw material to 2 litres of solution] :

1.) Making a starting 1:6 solution by soaking one part pine pollen in 6 parts solution, followed by evaporating four parts of the solution to get the 1:2 final extract. Evaporation needs heat and too much heat is damaging to some of the pollen's nutrients.

2.) By Dissolving a 5:1 dehydrated extract in a water-alcohol solution. Such concentrated powder extracts are common to Traditional Chinese Medicine, they are made from boiling the starting material in water and then dehydrating the tea to powder. But this needs even more heat.

The other important thing about pine pollen tincture is the source of the raw material. Pine pollen tincture can be made frompine pollenpowder, Or from the male buds. [See dried male buds of lodgepole pine below, 96% of their weight is husk, and only 4% pollen.]

best pine pollen tincture from dried pollen buds


Are you aware of the source of your pine pollen tincture?

Considering that pure pine pollen powder is only about 4% of the weight of the male pollen buds, there is a substantial difference in the concentration of a tincture depending on its starting material. To make sense of how diluted a 1:2 tincture made from the buds is, imagine that would need to take 25 times more or it, compared to a 1:2 tincture made from pure pollen!

So if you are considering pine pollen tincture for all the wonderful benefits it has for your general health, energy, and longevity, be sure to pay attention to its source and extraction techniques. Ask yourself can your seller guarantee the potency, purity, quality, and freshness of their starting material? What is the extraction method of their tincture? And above all remember:


At Canadian Pine Pollen Co. we mean serious tinctures; our tinctures are made from pure pine pollen, not buds. We do not import any of our raw material from China. We hand harvest in limited amounts seasonally in the Canadian wilderness. We use raw pure pollen that is not microwave sterilize or heat treated. Our unique cold dual extract is a mix of a 1:4 of water and alcohol first cold extract, with a 1:2 of glycerol second heated extract. This gives a final 1:6 solution that captures the full spectrum of pine pollen nutrients without damaging any. Which means you get the best of the pine pollen molecules in their wild, raw, and living form.

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DR Yashwant A Chavan
DR Yashwant A Chavan

June 28, 2020

What is difference between lost empire herb and ur tincture or powder can ur products available as on Amazon

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