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April 15, 2018 3 min read


So, you have read about pine pollen powder and pine pollen extract and how it is such excellent energy, muscle, and stamina boost, and you're looking for where to get yourself a high-quality pine pollen extract or pine pollen powder? Well, don't sweat it as this article will help you make an informed decision about the different types of extracts out there, their quality, and process.


Pine Pollen has many bio-active compounds. Most importantly bio-identical plantandrogens that are growth-promoting, flavonoids that are antioxidants, auxins that are growth-regulating, and polysaccharides that are immune-stimulating.

Flavonoids and anti-oxidants have a short shelf life especially when exposed to air, and radiation. Cracking the cells exposes these to air and over time causes a reduction in potency. So if you are buying cracked cell pine pollen you should make sure the pine pollen you get is fresh and is no more than a year old. But this can be difficult, especially with imported products from China! At Canadian Pine Pollen Company we wild harvest to an annual quota. This means we can guarantee that our pollen is fresh and produced in the same year as you buy it!

Of course, the tincture has a better ability to concentrate the phytoandrogens. But, there are pine pollen tinctures, and there are PINE POLLEN TINCTURES! If the tincture is not done properly, the alcoholic content can destroy the antioxidants and the flavonoids! So if you care so much about the full spectrum of the health benefits the pine pollen can offer, you'll only go for a quality extract made from freshest pine pollen powder. The truth is there are lots of pine pollen extracts on the market that promises amazing benefits but on the flip side, it has been made from starting material that is old, irradiated, microwave sterilized, or cooked and preheated. All these pre-processing can damage the active ingredients.Before settling for any product, do your due diligence by researching about the products online, a good place to start is to look at reviews and ask the supplier about the origin of the pollen and about the extraction process.More interestingly, you can check the product description to know what was used to manufacture it. A good pine pollen extract has no hidden description and no harmful additives. It tells you the source of the product on a label. If you think some vital information is missing about the product, its origin and its manufacturing method, then you should already know this is a red flag.

At Canadian Pine Pollen Company because we care so much about your well-being and the quality of the products we offer only unprocessed, live and untreated pine pollen that is 100% wildcrafted in Canada. Out pine pollen tinctures are made from fresh pollen and are full-spectrum extracts. How do we go about this? We are glad you asked. We use a unique dual extraction method using spring water, organic alcohol and organic food-grade glycerine. The first extraction ensures that we capture the concentration of the flavonoids and anti-oxidants, from the pollen and the second extraction pulls out the androgens. To learn more about our premium tinctures read more on different types of pine pollen tinctures.


Because we love you and want to make buying a quality pine pollen hassle free, we are doing our best to get our products to local stores near you. At canadianpollen.com we only produce the best of pine pollen extracts that delivers exactly what they promise. We have gone the extra mile to keep the product raw and untreated. We could store our stock before sending out to you or our suppliers. This ensures that our products are always fresh, potent, and meets all required health standards; this is because we take your health quite seriously. To get yourself a bottle of our all-natural pine pollen powder or tincture, you wouldn't go wrong to visit our incredible partner's stores:

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